What is Email Spamming ? - Know Definition

Email Spamming

Why We Call Email Spamming ?

Spam refers to email messages sent by anonymous persons to recipients whom are not socially or commercially connected. Many of these unsolicited emails are usually commercial advertisements. Spamming is considered an extreme antisocial behavior because it directly intrudes the privacy of recipients.

How it Works

Email spamming begins when unsuspecting individuals use their email address to register on suspicious websites that later sell their data to spammers. Advanced programs called harvesters are also used to steal people’s data from unsecured newsgroups and websites. Once the information is acquired, a spammer is ready to use it in any way that suits his or her purpose.

In most cases, marketers approach a spammer to send bulk promotion emails to targeted users. That happens because postal bulk mailing is much more expensive compared to spamming. Therefore, advertisers save thousands of dollars when they opt in. However, such cost savings are unethical because they turn a blind eye to recipients’ privacy and data confidentiality.

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