How to Check Blacklist IMEI Number of Mobile - Verify Before Buying Reused Phone

Get Free Verify Blacklist IMEI Number of Any Mobile 

check blacklist IMEI number

There are a few reasons you may need to cross-check your IMEI for validity. Assume you're buying a new (used) phone from an individual, eBay, Craigslist, etc. . Surely you'll want to verify that it's not blacklisted for any reason. Firstly, make sure you have the IMEI of the device in question. If you don't have the number to check, don't make the purchase. Any seller who won't divulge the IMEI has something to hide.

If you have the phone on hand you can simply dial *#06# on any Android to see the IMEI. For iOS, you enter your settings, general, about the phone, and the IMEI will be on the list. Once you have the number, go to IMEI Pro, and input it into the given space, then commence the search. The service is 100% free and accurate. The iOS version has a link from the main site, and also includes free Where's My iPhone, and iCloud services. Once you have the results, the rest is fairly obvious. If it's blacklisted, then stay clear. If it's clean, then there should be no harm in continuing your purchase, or whatever the case may be. Thank you for reading! I'd like to add that I'm not paid by the site I referenced. It's just a useful, free, reliable blacklist check. 

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