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What are the Spam Trigger Words ?

    Trigger spam words

    Email Service Providers all have email spam filters in place to capture unsafe and unwanted emails, sending them directly to the junk folder. They rate each incoming email based upon many criteria. Those emails with a high score are sent right to your junk folder.

    Email Spam Filter Trigger Words 

    email spam trigger words

    A large part of how this is determined is the words used in the subject line. Several calls to action words trigger the spam filters. You should avoid anything that makes exaggerated claims such as: 

    Additional Income
    Cash bonus
    Fast Cash
    Lowest price
    You should also avoid anything that tried to create a sense of urgency, such as:

    Act Now Limited Time Urgent Winner

    Spelling mistakes in the subject line can also trigger the spam filters. Another red flag is when an email has an embedded link or an attachment.

    Way to Prevent Spam Trigger Words 

    avoid spam trigger words

    There are ways to avoid your communication being flagged as spam. Apart from avoiding filling your subject lines with these words, you should also keep your subject line short. In the body of the email, never include an attachment. If you want to provide a link, try not to use link shortening services as they are often considered risky. Do not mark the email as being ‘Of High Importance’, and avoid using multiple font colors, stick to black. Lastly, you can also do a spam check yourself, using spam checking software that you can find on the internet.


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