Was Email Invented Before Internet ? - First Ever Email Information

Surprising Facts about History of Email 

Email goes back in history to its first example of electronic mail, which was referred to as MAIL in 1965 as an MIT program. MAIL had a concept whereby people would have to leave their messages on the computer, and those who would get repaid to would only get the message once they logged to the computer the next time. However, despite it being effective, there was a need for regular communication, and thus on 29th October 1969, the first communication using ARPANET was sent, and the development of electronic mail came about. Ray Tomlinson became the inventor and is regarded as the father of the ‘@’ symbol, which indicates the username then the name of the computer. 

As time went by, email saw rapid use, and in 1976, email all of ARPANET message sending was by email. It proved its worthiness and has since gained over 3.9 users worldwide today. It has also seen various developments so that its efficiency is maximized.

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