Who are Email Spammer ? - Know Definition

Email Spammer

Why Email Spammers send Various Spam Emails ?

Once in a while, you may have found your email's inbox flooded and wondered who gave out your address. These emails are referred to as spams. Email spammers are individuals, organizations or businesses that send messages in bulk to your email address without your consent or you sending an email to them and wait for a reply. Spammed emails are quite annoying since they can flood your inbox with lots of irrelevant stuff which you do not need.

How do spammers get your email? Spammers are always on the lookout to add traffic to you and catch your attention through sending you messages of what they are about. They get your email address from websites, customer lists, newsgroups and chat rooms. Such platforms are accessible collections for them, and once they access it, they will start sending their texts immediately.

You shouldn't open these spammed emails if you have no idea what they are about. Some contain viruses and can lead to serious issues on your laptop or device. Apart from them being annoying, they also pose some level of a security threat as they contain links which, when clicked, can make you vulnerable to getting phished.

As soon as you get a spammed mail, it's better of you to delete it as quickly as possible. Do not leave your email id in every browser search that requires you to and if unavoidable, invest in an anti-spam software so that you are secure at all times. Report spams once you receive to the email host you are using, and if it becomes unbearable, you can always create a new email for your personal use to avoid the frustration. 

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