Why My Personal Emails Going to Spam Box ?

Why Emails go to Spam Box instead of Inbox ?

Personal emails going to spam box

An email inbox is set to receive a certain percentage of mail. Yet, chances are that one out of five email messages will get sent to either your spam or completely blocked. To prevent this from being an ongoing thing you must figure out the source of its occurrence.


Common Reasons Personal Email Gets Spammed  

 1. Very Little Mailbox Use

One common cause is a lack of or low activity on your personal email account. When filtering out algorithms, a mailbox provider checks the total amount of activity. If your email has a huge quantity of unused addresses it puts up red flags and activates spam filtration. An effective way of stopping this is with a clean-up of your inactive email subscribers.

 2. A Spammed IP Address  

On occasion, your IP address can be picked up by scammers up to no good. The end results could affect email deliverability from one simple spam. As a general rule of thumb, only chose reliable email providers who you can depend on. 


3. Using Questionable HTML Emails 

When you send HTML email messages, they are less engaging and tend to fall under the category of spam. To ensure this does not happen, you could use a trustworthy email provider template. Keeping your pixel width under 800 also helps prevent personal email spamming. 


 4. Limited Engagement Rate

If you find yourself with a lower open message rate, personal emails are likely to be spam vulnerable. To reverse this effect, send relevant emails with segmented lists to raise your open rate. 


 5. Visible Unsubscribe Link

 When your unsubscribe linkage is not easy to access it can fall at the bottom stack of emails. Thus, making a huge impact on deliverability and spam probability. By having an accessible unsubscribe opt, your emails are less likely to fall under spam. 


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The tips provided above will help ensure your emails to go where they belong and not the spam box. If all else fails, you can always resort to spam checkers/filtering tests! 

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