Earthquake Detector App Will Learn to Predict Earthquakes & Warn About Them in Advance

How to Get Earthquake Detector App on Android Smart Phone

Earthquake Detector App

It will be a massive seismological network of millions of smartphones around the world.


Google is testing a new ShakeAlert earthquake alert feature for Android smartphones. If you are in a seismically active area, you will be able to receive alerts before shocks, which will help you find shelter in time. The first to receive this feature will be residents of California, where more than 700 seismometers have already been installed.


For areas where there is not enough equipment to quickly track impending earthquakes, Google has developed its own tracking system. All modern smartphones have accelerometers. These sensors can detect the movement of the earth before people. It is assumed that the smartphone will send data about such aftershocks to Google, and if the system detects a similar reaction from several devices nearby, it will send out warnings to users. Everything will take a few seconds, which will give you time to react.


It is assumed that this feature will not become mandatory, and if desired, the user can deny data transmission. After California, the system will expand to other countries and regions in the coming months.

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