Apply These 4 Techniques to Improve Browser Protection from Online Threats

How to Make More Browser Protection by Doing Less

Improve Browser Protection

Fraudsters on the Internet use completely different methods of extorting money from gullible citizens, and the methods have many hidden dodgy schemes. And most of the account hacks happen through users' browsers. There are 5 proven ways to prevent such threats.



    • Detailed Setting


    In many browsers, some settings are already set by default. However, they are not always suitable for all users. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully read all built-in functions and disable some of them.


    For example:


    protect chrome browser

    • Disabling Geolocation will help hide the location of a person.
    • Disabling access to the microphone and camera will insure against the presence of compromising data from intruders.
    • For your own safety in the network, it is better to play it safe. Moreover, it is easy to restore access to disabled elements.



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    •  Browser Update

     Recently, various elements of existing systems have been constantly updated, and browsers are no exception. Moreover, updates often include new ways to eliminate hidden threats, so it is recommended to regularly carry out such a "transformation" of the program.


    chrome update

    Examples of manual control on popular platforms


    1. Google Chrome - in the setting go to the " Help" section and open "About the Google Chrome browser"

    2. Firefox - Go to setting in that "Updates" tab, open the browser update option and select automatic control.


    Many users disable automatic updates and manually perform it.



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    •  Installing Extensions


    Some applications and programs work only when downloading extensions in a specific browser. It is recommended to install only proven, popular and familiar extensions. You can buy and download them only in the official store. Before installing, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of data to which the extensions will have access, and only then work with them.



    •  Autocomplete Passwords


    Auto filling your data is convenient for permanent work, but the user's security on the network will decrease. Indeed, with any hacking, scammers can easily enter services, cash out money, or cause some other harm.

    avoid auto password extension


    That is why it is recommended not to save passwords, but to manually enter them with each request on websites and social networks.


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