Find Lost Android Phone with Google or without Google


What To Do When Lost Android Phone ?

    You lost your android mobile phone or it was stolen from you. Find out how and where to find a stolen or lost Android phone, even if it is impossible to guess the approximate location where it could have happened. Of course, it's an unfortunate to lose your phone. It stores a lot of information from contacts to information about bank cards.

    find lost android phone

    After all, a modern Android smartphone is not an easy means of dialing, it is a compact computer in your pocket, and many people cannot imagine their active life without it.

    The native owners of the missing mobile phone immediately turn to law enforcement agencies, write a statement about the loss, hoping that the police will be able to find the gadget and give it back to you. But this move almost never gives a positive result - the amount of damage from losing a phone is small, so no one will particularly try to find a smartphone, even if the location of the crime is known.

    But there are several proven methods that will help you find your phone, even if it was stolen in a large and busy location.

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     Process To Get Lost Android Phone 

    • The Android system was developed by Google, which cared about its reputation, so it created several service applications to find a lost phone. But in order to use them, you need to register in the system, you just need to do this, only with an activated account you can try to find your Android device.
    •  You also need a connection to the built-in GPS module from Google, which determines the location of the lost gadget.
    • In addition to service applications from Google, there are third-party applications that you can also use to find it by location, number, or other data.
    • But even if you find your device, there is no guarantee that the mobile phone will be returned immediately - it can be dangerous, so it is better to contact law agencies for help in returning the lost device. 

    Find a Smartphone Over the Internet Free Online

    The very first thing when you lose or stole a gadget, open a Google account and go to the " Security " section.

    Google account security section to find lost phone

    Find the section “Your devices” and follow any link:

    • Find Phone
    • Control

    Find phone & control using google security options

    When you go to "Phone management" select the one that you lost. Here it is possible to disable the Google account on a mobile phone, and thus protect part of the data. Then follow the link-question “Lost your phone” and once again, confirming your account, you get to the control

    At this stage, it is possible to:

    • Analyze Recent Actions
    • Block Phone
    • Trying to Call Him
    Try to call lost phone using google security options

    • Log Out of Account
    Logout google account using google security options

    • Contact the Operator
    Contact operator to block sim

    • Block Data

    ·       If you lose your smartphone nearby activate the “Callback” function. The device will ring for 5 minutes at maximum volume, with a different sound from others. You will have enough time to find your phone or activate Lock Device function or delete all content from device using “Erase Device “option.

    callback options to find lost android phone

    If there is no mobile phone nearby, use the “Find” function.

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    Using Find My Device Android App

    Any mobile phone is equipped with a search option, so it is quite possible to find a lost phone through the built-in Find Device functionality.

    Through this function, you can disable all running applications or restore them, and the service is available for all Androids from Google.

    To find a lost mobile phone, in case of theft, you need an Internet connection on your android mobile through a GPS to determine the location.

    But this option can work if the Internet connection is connected, and if it is turned off, then it will not work.

    So, to find your lost device, do the following:

    Download Find My Device android app from play store. App address Click Here

    Google my device app

    Log in as a guest user with your google account if asked all your devices will open, you just need to click on the device that you could lose.

    Guest login on find my device app to find lost phone

    After all the steps, you will have the opportunity to:


    • Dialing
    • Complete Blocking
    • Complete destruction of all data in memory (during this operation, account data will also be erased)
    • During blocking, you can leave a message and add the number of any other subscriber to contact you.

    Google find my device app options

    This option is designed for decent people. By clicking on the green button, a call will be made to the number you specified.

    Cleaning the mobile phone will completely delete all data and after that the location of the device will not be able to determine.

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    Finding Lost Android Phone using Google Maps

    You should make sure that the smartphone has Internet access or that the mobile communication and location option is turned on. If everything is turned off, then it will be impossible to find through this option.

    Find lost phone using google maps

    On your PC, open the google search engine and go to the "Maps" section (under your account) at the top left, open the “Timeline” position - here you need to indicate the exact date of the search. After these actions, the lost phone must be found, and you can see the location on the map.

    Third Party Gadget Lost Android Phone Finder Apps

    Let's analyze the work in popular services to find a lost phone “Lost Android

    Lost android third party app to find lost phone

    You can download the program in the Google play store. After installation, the application will change its icon to a picture of a notepad - this is how the creators intended it so that attackers would not be able to recognize a working detection function.

    Lost android app options

    Give him device administrator rights - this will be needed to block or destroy all information. You also need to allow the software to enter the browser interface.

    Now Open www.androidlost.com for controlling android phone. The entire tracing process will take place through a browser on a computer using a Google account.

    Controlling options Android Lost App

    The application is equipped with advanced features and can help:


    • When dialing and turning on vibration
    • To locate
    • Reading all sms messages or sending new ones
    • Backup contacts, images, sms inbox, audio files.
    Backup lost phone data using lost android app

    • Determination of the location of the device in the network area (on or off)
    • Through it, you can activate Wi-Fi, flash, redirect incoming calls to another device, open the list of incoming and outgoing connections, browsing history in the browser and much more.
    • It is even possible to take a hidden photo with the back or front camera of a lost device. And the one who has it will not suspect anything.
    Capture hidden photo of lost phone

    Some options of the Android OS developer are already included in the functionality of smartphones, but the options of this program are much wider.

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