Work on Zoom Is Crucial to Your Business. A Complete Zoom Guide!


A Quick Way to Work on Zoom - Video Conference App Solved Problems with Zoom Guide


    Education, training, webinars, meetings, conferences - all this is successfully carried out online. How to provide high-quality video communication with your clients, listeners, or colleagues? How to schedule a video conference for several dozen participants and control the process remotely? All this is possible with Zoom.

    zoom guide

    We will tell you how to work with this service - we will go all the way from installing the program to holding your first video conference. We will also share useful tips and secrets.

    What is Zoom App and Why is it Needed

    • Zoom is a wireless communication service for organizing video conferencing, webinars, group chats. The platform allows communication via video and/or audio communication. Installed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
    • Zoom is used in financial institutions, IT companies, healthcare authorities, educational institutions - wherever you need to connect with remote employees, clients, listeners.


     Zoom App Features

    • Video and audio communication. Implemented through conferences or webinars.
    • Share your screen. Support for sharing a desktop for remote work of performers on joint projects.
    • Collective chats in groups. Exchange of text, audio, and images, data storage for 10 years.
    • Collaboration rooms. Zoom Rooms is a conference room software that provides higher-quality communications.
    • Sending invitations by mail or by phone numbers.
    • Integration with OS (Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux, Blackberry) and H.323 / SIP conference system.


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    Zoom Video Conferences and Webinars: what are they and how they differ


    With Zoom, you can host conferences and webinars.



    These are collaborative interactive events in which all participants can view the screen, turn on their camera/sound, and view the list of participants.

     Zoom conferences are of two types:

    Instant. They are suitable when you need to hold a meeting at work, discuss a project with performers or solve other urgent matters. The organizer enters the conference mode, sends invitations to the participants, and they can use the link to access the event.

    Planned. Suitable for online lessons, master classes, conferences. In this case, the organizer sets the date and time of the meeting, specifies the topic, presents video and audio, sends invitations to participants by mail or in Zoom.


    These are events where one or more speakers speak. At webinars, participants can only watch and listen, while communication and information exchange takes place in chat.



    Differences between Webinars and Conferences:


    • At the webinar, the listener cannot communicate visually with the organizer.
    • In the conference format, the maximum number of participants is 1,000, in the webinar format - 10,000.
    • The conference can be held free of charge (up to 100 participants + time limit), and the webinar is available only in a paid package.

    Setting up Zoom App on a Window Computer


    1. First, you need to download the Zoom client installation file to your computer from the official website at zoom download.Install it, after which a client icon with a zoom icon image will appear on the desktop.

    zoom client downlod

    2. After starting the program, you need to go through the authorization process, where the username and password are specified as standard. The service has paid and free tariffs, to select free use of the program, you need to go to "Free registration" by clicking on the corresponding link.


    zoom registration process

    The registration process will not take place in the app, but directly on the Zoom customer site. To confirm authorization, a letter will be sent to the specified mail with further instructions.

    3. After completing registration, you will need to enter your data (login and password) in the program. after which a personal account will open. The first step is to get acquainted with the client's settings. Set the necessary parameters that you deem necessary for convenient work.

    zoom parameters working

    4. The organizer of the broadcast goes to the button "New conference", where he must make some settings. The program will immediately prompt you to check the sound of the speaker and microphone. When connecting a headset, specify the device used in the settings.

    zoom new video or audio conference

    5. To conduct a conference, the presenter has a control panel with certain elements:


    zoom control panel options

    • Conducting audio conferences, switching between audio devices,
    • Mute and unmute the microphone
    • Video image inclusion
    • Invite participants
    • Member management
    • Start screen sharing
    • Enable or disable chat for text messaging
    • Start recording video broadcast
    • Member reactions button
    • End of broadcast

    7. Screen sharing during the broadcast is started with authorization, you must enter the conference ID.

    zoom conference id entering process

    8. The organizer can schedule the start of the broadcast by date and time by clicking on the "Schedule" button.


    For participants who have entered before the organizer, in the settings on the site, the included checkbox is set in the profile settings on the site, thereby allowing getting into the broadcast room and wait for it to start.


    how generate zoom broadcast id

    When you disable the live camera, the background will be black by default. You can change it to your logo or your image in the settings of your personal account on the website.

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    Zoom App Connection on Android 
    Mobile Device


    • To broadcast from a mobile phone or connect to a broadcast conference, you can after installing the free app on the play store.

    download zoom app

    login zoom mobile app

    • After launching the application to connect to the broadcast, you need to click the "Enter conference" button and enter the ID of the broadcast conference.

    enter broadcast id on zoom mobile app

    • To start a new conference on mobile, the video organizer will have to go through a full authorization process if it has not been registered. Or use ready-made login information in the application.

    • Mobile version participants' settings make it possible to:
    zoom app mobile options


    1. Turn on the camera
    2. Sharing control
    3. Headset connection
    4. Viewing conference participants
    5. Hide participants without video
    6. Raise your hand to attract the attention of the organizers

    Similarly, you can organize a video meeting directly in the browser on the site. But it works a little worse in the browser.


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