How To Cast Android Screen On Laptop Four Popular Techniques

Ultimate 4 Ways to Cast Android Screen on Computer

Share Phone Screen on Computer

    Hey. In this article, we will consider the question that interests many users, how to display the phone screen on a computer. Having two smart devices, you need to be able to synchronize them with each other. It comes in handy in various situations: viewing images and videos, transferring files, controlling a smartphone from a computer, and so on.


    To broadcast the image of the smartphone screen to a PC, we will use the means of operating systems, the necessary programs, applications, web resources, everything that can help close the issue. Let's get started.

    Connect Phone Displaying the Screen on Computer using the Operating System 

     How to Cast Mobile To Laptop Windows 10

    • Windows 10 PC owners can use this method.

    • Among the programs and applications, you will find the desired a function called “Connect”.

    share my Android phone's screen with a Windows 10 PC

    • An open window will indicate that the computer is ready for synchronization.

    • Now go to phone settings. For those devices that have the “Broadcast” function, just activate it and the smartphone screen will appear in the application window

    Broadcast Functions on Mobile

    Connect Desktop from Android Phone

    Using AirDroid App 

    In this case, you need not only an application for a smartphone, but also a program for a PC, or you can use a web service on the official AirDroid website . This method can be used by owners of any operating system: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS.

    AirDroid Application Features 

    • Display of smartphone screen on PC
    • Device control locally and remotely
    • File sharing
    • Receive notifications from phone to computer
    • Ability to answer calls and SMS from a computer
    • Getting a screenshot
    • Application management
    • Watching videos located on the smartphone
    • Connection to cameras of devices on Android
    • Displaying the smartphone screen on the computer
    • Search and view images stored on your Android device
    • Calling a subscriber through a computer
    • Search and listen to music
    • Withdrawal of frequent contacts
    • Account settings
    • Icons can be swapped and arranged in any order


    Here you will have to register an account, which must be the same for both devices. E-mail and password must be the same, in the application on the phone and in the program or web service on the desktop. 

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    How AirDroid App Using Process

    • After starting, the application will offer to register. In the future, the mailbox and password will need to be registered on the computer and they must match.
    • As soon as the registration process is completed, the main page with control buttons will open directly. Look through all the functions again, you have a "combine", which will greatly facilitate the use of the device. We will consider each of these functions below - stay with us until the end.

    AirDroid App Phone Dashboard

    AirDroid App Permission to Connect Desktop

    AirDroid Computer Application Download 

    • As I said above, you need an application that you have installed and a program for your computer. Go to the official website of the program and download it. Download the AirDroid program.

    • You can also use the Web version of the window. And speaking in normal language, you can use the program window online, directly in the browser without downloading the program. It's your choice.

    • This is what a browser window looks like for controlling a smartphone from a computer.
    AirDroid Web View to control phone

    • This is the AirDroid Client Window

    AirDroid Client Window Dashboard

    AirDroid Client Connections Option to Control Phone

    • We prefer the browser window. Nice interface, faster response, more functions. Most importantly, no cords, only WiFi or internet.

    Using TeamViewer QuickSupport App

    • Displaying the phone screen is possible using the TeamViewer program. Previously, this program was only used for PCs. With the advent of smartphones, it became possible to remotely access them.

    • The desktop version is installed on the computer (you can DownloadTeamViewer it on the official website), and on mobile phones, the application is marked TeamViewer Quick Support. It is this application that makes it possible to display the screen on any computer (even a remote one) using a special ID for viewing and controlling.

    • Run the application on your smartphone and wait for the ID to appear. Memorize or write down the assigned ID to your device.

    TeamViewer Support App Generate ID

    • Ask Permissions 

    TeamViewer Quick Support App ask permission

    • Start Capturing on Mobile Display 

    TeamViewer Start Capturing Display

    • Open the program on your PC and go to the "Manage computer" tab. Register the device ID and "Connect"

    Enter Partner ID to Control Phone using TeamViewer

    • TeamViewer dashboard once it connected 
    TeamViewer Dashboard once it connected the phone

    TeamViewer full Controlling on Phone

    • On TeamViewer, we can take screen recordings with snaps .

    TeamViewer can take  recording video

    TeamViewer Clients Many Options to Control

    Using Screencast App (Only Browser screen output)

    • This method is the simplest. A screencast application is required to display the phone screen on the computer. The two devices will be connected using an IP address. Download Screencast App.

    • Launch the application on your phone and select connection methods .

    Various Ways to connect phone using PC

    • Below is the Status window is a link with an IP address.
    How to Control Phone From Web

    • Open a browser on your computer and enter the numbers of the The IP address in the address bar and press the Enter button.
    Share Mobile Screen form Browser

    • On the smartphone, give permission to connect, wait up to 30 seconds and the phone screen appears in the browser.

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