How Do Online Frauds Work with People Mistakes

What is Online Frauds in Simple Words ?

Scammers can steal your money right now. This is not a joke. Internet frauds are booming. Every year, millions are deceived. A job search, a harmless game, a purchase in an online store can end up being scammed. I discuss different ways that cybercriminals usually get money. For those who have already become a victim of scammers, I will tell you how to try to get a refund.

    What Scammers Interested In ? 

    Fraudsters are interested in two things: money and personal data. Some immediately take money: deposits in Forex, buying non-existent goods online, etc. Others first find out information about you, and then clear money from their accounts.

    online frauds types

    Important Things for Attackers in Cyber Attack

    •  Phone Number
    • Address
    • Scanned Passport or Data from it
    • Date of Birth
    • Email
    • Logins, Passwords from Social Media

    Types of Frauds in Online Transaction

    • Charity Frauds Examples


    Fraudsters do not shy at anything, even hide behind small sick children. They take photos from the Internet or from friends, write a tearful story, and at the end - bank details. When a decent amount is collected, they hide.

    charity donation frauds

    The most offensive thing is that due to deceivers, real sick children do not receive help.

    How to protect yourself. Ask for photo cards from the hospital, doctors' phones. If possible, go yourself and look at the baby. Donate through proven funds that ask patients for a medical history. Submit on Google a photo of a person, an animal, in need of help.

    • How to Do Lottery Scamming ?


    lottery frauds

    Other deceivers are asked to fill out a questionnaire with passport data, phone numbers. Do not get fooled by this. Free cheese only in a mousetrap.


    • Unlocking Systems Frauds


    Desperate programmers create programs with viruses that stop the computer. The screen closes the window that contains a request to send $ 10-100 to receive an unlock code via SMS. Sometimes with a counter. The most famous ransomware worm is called Trojan.Encoder.20.

    system unlocking frauds

    You can catch a virus without installing programs. Sometimes visiting questionable sites, clicking on the banner infects the device.

    Do not pay money. Don't feed scammers. Try to destroy the worm with antivirus or reinstall the system

    • Domain Cloning Frauds

    The domain is the website address. The virus redirects the computer to a twin site. The user, without suspecting anything, enters the username, password, phone number, or bank card. The entered date is obtained by scammers. With the help of them, they steal accounts, money from a card, and mobile.


    domain cloning frauds

    If the site does not need to specify a phone number, information about a bank account, then a window appears that requires them.


    Why would they steal social media profiles? They beg for money from your relatives and friends. Ask for a loan. Alas, this happened to me. In Social media, everyone who was my friend received a message with a request to send money. I changed my password and explained to everyone that it was not me. Thank God I managed. How they found out is still a mystery.


    What else can they do with an account? Start writing anti-religious, opposition posts on your behalf. Then the police can knock on the door and pick them up at the station. And you are not a dream or a spirit. Usually, this is done to harm because of envy, hostility.


    Be careful. Keep track of all accounts, check your mail. Choose a secure password.

    • Financial Pyramids Schemes Frauds


    The financial pyramid offers to invest to get more later. Some, however, earn at the expense of new investors. But most often they are the authors of the project.


    pyramids schemes Frauds

    Those who connected at the beginning and in the middle of the pyramid's existence can hit a small jackpot. The latter will simply lose money.


    But there is an even worse version of the pyramid. The authors feed all depositors breakfast and take all the money for themselves.

      8 Different Signs of a Pyramid Schemes

    1. The income generation scheme is not detailed.
    2. .Do not think that by staying away from Forex and network marketing, you will not fall into the financial pyramid. Economic games are the same. You buy gaming equipment, involve other participants to collect the winnings.


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    • Employment Frauds

    Scammers play on the main weakness of Employees - the desire to get rich and get a good job. They promise many things.



    employment frauds

    Here are the 3 types of Job Frauds

    1.Give work without earnings. You write an article, draw, gather information. You are sending. When the time comes, the employer disappears. Time wasted. Among these scammers, false freelancers also operate. They pass off someone else's work as their own and get paid. And the real performer is left with nothing.


    2.They pay pennies. They promised to pay a good amount a month. The project should be given full payment. And when you have done the work and ask to pay for it, less than 30% of the agreement is transferred to you. They start feeding them breakfast: you are still a beginner, it will be better and more, and so on.


    3.You need to pay for employment. The trick that works most often. They tell you how much you will receive, how interesting and easy this work is. You are ready to start immediately. You ask what to do. They tell you to pay the premium. Like, this is insurance for the customer, the company, if you suddenly merge.

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     Way To Protects Against Fake Job Scammers

    1.Develop critical thinking. Check the information. See reviews, look for contacts, legal data of the organization.

    2.Never pay for a job. It is you who will benefit, and hence the money will be for you.

    3.Do not disclose personal data. Do not show your passport, do not send a phone number, cards to dubious persons.

    4.Ignore messages and calls from strangers. Scammers can find your resume and write with a job offer. Remember, on the Internet, no one is immediately interested in the passport number.

    5.They are trying to impose work on you. Honest organizations have hundreds of applicants. They will not run after anyone.


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    • Online Casinos Frauds


    casino frauds

    Now I will tell you about 2 popular ways to cheat using a casino.


    1. A win-win strategy. Banners, users on the forums shout that there is a jackpot scheme. Even if there really is one, no one will share. A casino will reveal fraud in seconds. Thus, they are trying to lure you into a particular casino and make you spend a tidy sum.
    2.  Playing for other people's money. Play and earn $ 139-217 per week playing games. The amount may be different, but this is usually what a scam looks like. The attacker gives a good reason why he is ready to share money: you need unique IPs, you cannot earn much alone, etc.



    Then the development of 2 variants of events is possible:


    1. You have beaten the casino. And to celebrate, they registered on their own and invested their money. A few weeks later, you ordered a payment. Money did not come. The site has stopped working. The gambling guru is gone. He was an online casino partner or owner.
    2. You have lost sponsor money. They went into negative territory. Now you owe money to the casino and your teacher. They send threats, they want to go to the police. In fact, this casino is made so that there you can only lose. There is no winning algorithm.


    Do not play in online casinos. In the gambling business, only owners earn. People are losing money. In some roulette, slots, winnings are not provided at all.



    • Online Typing Projects Frauds


    typing projects frauds

    You need to retype the text from the scans. Customers promise to pay from $ 500. for one page. After you send the document to the employer, it will disappear. Take 50% of the prepayment. Send text only when you receive money. Alternatively, you can send a screenshot of a small document.


    • Online Discount Products Frauds

    When else will there be an opportunity to buy a designer item at half price?! This is used by scammers to earn money and hide. And they are getting smarter. Now it is not a one-page website with a weak design and appeals. This is a seemingly decent store on Instagram. There are even reviews.


    discount products frauds

    How do they cheat? They take money for the thing and hide. They use the information from the questionnaire (card number, phone number, address) that you filled out before buying.

    You can recognize a fake store by the following features:


    1. Discount - more than 40%;
    2. Everything is too cheap;
    3. Not enough information;
    4. Many subscribers, few comments, and likes;
    5. There are no negative reviews, and the positive ones seem soulless.


    What to do if you have already been thrown for money:


    1. Contact scammers and ask for a return amicably.
    2. If there is no answer or only excuses, then contact the consumer protection society.

    •  Forex Investment Online Frauds 


    cryptocurrency frauds

    Types of Forex cheating:

    1. They promise quick profits. A person replenishes an account for a small amount. He is assigned a financial expert who will tell you which rates will help you get rich. Tips give a good profit at first. The investor is happy with all the money (savings, salary, credit) piles up. Then the rate goes down sharply. Money is in the hands of brokers.
    2. One day companies, after the victim's account, are replenished, drastically change conditions, rates, leaving the depositor with nothing. But they live a maximum of a month, because someone will write a negative review.


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    Prevention Measures to Avoid Online Frauds 

    1. Install a quality Anti Virus that is regularly updated
    2.  Check your identity/service in the “Caution! Fraud”, etc.
    3. Carefully enter the names of sites and run through the search bar.
    4. Do not get fooled by big discounts and quick relief from poverty.
    5. Take screenshots, ask as many questions as possible.
    6. When working remotely, ask for 50% in advance.
    7. What to do if you clicked on a link with a virus:
    8. Back up the data. Check your computer with an antivirus.
    9. Change your social media passwords.
    10. If the virus is heavily eaten, reinstall the operating system



    Fraudsters sit and come up with something new every day. Be careful. Don't give money for a dream to get rich quickly and effortlessly. Check the information a hundred times. Do not post photos of tickets, bank cards, children. Leave your creativity for sales, otherwise, it will easily be appropriated to themselves.

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