Print Directions from Google Maps Doesn't Have to Be Hard. It's Easy If You Do It Smart

How to Print a Map Directions from Google Maps on Large Scale 

print google maps

    Using the Google Maps service, you can not only track your route but also search for the right places. For example, restaurants, institutions, gas stations, cafes, and so on. If necessary, you can always print a map from Google Map. Let's figure out how to do this from a computer and from a phone separately.

    Print Google Maps High Resolution Directions from a Computer 

    • First, you need to open the official website of this service. This can be done through any browser. We go to the site and immediately see an open map. 

    open google maps

    • Before printing a map from google map, we need to make the correct route or find the desired point on the map of the area. 


    set directions on google maps

    • After you have set the desired parameters and position on the map, you can proceed to print. There is a separate button for this function on the official website. On the top panel, you must find a section with buttons: "Print". Click on it.

    print option on google maps

    • As a result, a window will appear for setting the printing itself. Here you need to specify the model of the connected printer, select the number of pages, print type, and additional settings. On the right, you can see through the "Preview" how the map will look on the final sheet. After adjusting, click "Print" again.

    google maps location card print

    • Remember that before you print a map from Google Maps, you must set the same parameters on the printer as when creating a map. This can be done through a computer using a proprietary utility or through the device controls.


    select printer to print map

    Send Google Map Directions to Phone

    Using the official website open on a computer, you can correct the map and then send it to your smartphone have Two Process. This will allow you to do without printing a paper version.

    • First one, to do this click on the " Select Share or embed map" button. Find click the Link to this map. Then create a shorter web page link then Copy and paste the link wherever you want to share the map.

    google map embed code

    google maps embed code short code

    • The second Process, On a computer, open Google Maps. If you're using Maps in a mobile browser or an older web browser or operating system, this might not work. Click Tab on “Send directions to your phone” once finalized the route.

    send google maps directions to mobile

    • Then a field for entering a mobile phone will appear. An SMS message will be sent to it with a link to your map. You can also choose to receive a link by email.

    send google maps directions on emails & mobile

    • After that, your card will automatically appear in the specific application. 

    received google maps directions sms

    received google maps directions email


    Now you know how to print through the regular version of google maps. The built-in tools on the Google Maps website allow you to fine-tune the displayed information on the map and fully prepare the image for printing. Advantages of the service are added by the ability to instantly send data to a smartphone. 

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