Tesla is Preparing to Release its First Smartphone

Ultimate Revelation of Tesla First Smartphone Features 

Tesla First Smartphone

Elon Musk and his Tesla company operate in a wide variety of high-tech fields and achieve notable success, betting on innovation, quality, and the implementation of the most fantastic ideas. Recently article appeared on the Web, indicating that Tesla is working on a project for its smartphone, which has already been dubbed the Tesla Phone.

Images of the first smartphone from the automotive giant Elon Musk Tesla have appeared online.

Tesla Smartphone Features

It is noted that during the development, the smartphone received the code name Model Pi. According to insiders, the body of the phone will receive a special coating that can change color, as well as a solar panel to maintain a charge and will have the functions of the Neuralink neural network.


In particular, the device will be able to connect to SpaceX's Starlink internet network and even be able to connect to cryptocurrency mining.


Tesla Smartphone Scanner Sensor

The large screen is somewhat rounded, and the body is made of durable and lightweight metal. The backside is devoid of a scanner sensor, which suggests the use of biometric methods for identifying users. Also, the front camera is not visible on the renders. There is an assumption that it will be placed under the display.



There is no information yet on the characteristics of the device, the time to market, and the cost for consumers. At the moment, the timing and stages of the development of the smartphone remain unknown.

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