Why WhatsApp Ban My Number: Know Reasons

Know Why WhatsApp Ban My Number Reasons 

WhatsApp ban my number

The messenger has long become an almost integral part of the smartphone for many. It is all the more annoying if the account is banned for no seemingly apparent reason. The block usually lasts only 24 hours and then expires automatically. But that doesn't make it any easier. Find out why you may be denied access to your WhatsApp account here.



Advertising Through Your Account 


The WhatsApp messenger itself advertises in the "Status" section. This is how the company makes money. Therefore, outside advertising messages are highly discouraged and may lead to the blocking of the number.




Repost Other People's Photos and Videos


Anyone who shares photos, videos, or even songs on WhatsApp that they didn't create themselves can also be blocked. If the content author sees this and informs the support service, the company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the corresponding account.




Malware Distribution 


Using the messenger you can also quickly and easily send any documents from your computer. This opportunity is often used by fraudsters, introducing viruses into files to read and steal the personal data of users. If WhatsApp notices that a user is sending malware, the account is blocked immediately.




Fake Profile as Another Person 


An important difference between the mobile messenger: WhatsApp does not require a real name. This means that you can use a nickname or nickname. However, there is a limit to everything. Anyone who pretends to be another person and disseminates information on his behalf is blocked.




Sending Suspicious Chain Letters


Circular letters are messages with different content that periodically annoy many users of the application. With the help of new features, WhatsApp is trying to limit the spread of letters of happiness. Only at the beginning of the year, the number of contacts to which identical messages can be forwarded was limited from 20 to 5. Nevertheless, users who regularly send chain letters run the risk of losing access to their accounts.




Aggression Call to Violence 


Already at the stage of installing the program, a person agrees to the terms of use of the messenger, following which insults, threats, harassment, and bullying against others or encouraging such behavior are prohibited. For violation of the rule’s loss of access to the personal page.





Is Your Account Number Banned from WhatsApp?

You Have Still Appeal on Using WhatsApp Contact Support for Help

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