Sony With Airpeak Entered Drone Market

Sony Wants to Enter Artificial Intelligence and Robotics After Tie-Up with Airpeak

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Sony enters the drone market via Airpeak, a model designed for photography and video production technology. This drone is designed to take off and land vertically on a three-dimensional surface.

Sony announced a mysterious initiative related to drones and baptized with the name Airpeak. No further details were shared or a date was provided to mark the calendar stating only that more information was released.

Sony enters the drone market with Airpeak a model designed for professional photography and video production. Sony will launch two new consumer drones designed for professional photography and video production, the Sony Alpha 7R and Alpha 7S on 21 February, the Japanese company has revealed.

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The two models are the first consumer drones to use the 4K lens and image sensor from the high-end Sony Alpha 7R and Alpha 7S cameras.

The new models are the first consumer drones to use the company's new high-speed 3D Glasses Camera Accessory, which is not only less bulky than existing 3D accessory systems but also includes several. The technical details of Airpeak are currently quite inconclusive if not non-existent but the official material shows in great detail a more or less conventional design quadcopter. The detail that it has been designed to carry a Sony Alpha mirrorless camera using a multi-axis motorized stock.
The Japanese manufacturer claims that Airpeak is the smallest drone capable of mounting one of its cameras.

Airpeak is described as an advanced project with which Sony wants to prove its worth in areas such as artificial intelligence and robotics, all while highlighting the photographic and video capabilities of what are some of its most popular cameras. 

Data such as autonomy, flight ceiling, maximum speed, or control distance is for now a mystery, but it is evident that Sony aims very high with Airpeak.

Breaking into an industry dominated by Chinese manufacturers won't be easy. But the Japanese have the potential advantage of offering a highly specialized drone that tries to create products with a broader purpose than pure film production.

As with the technique, there are no prices or release dates, although a message appears on the official Airpeak site looking for "professional partners". Meanwhile, we can observe its performance by capturing the Sony Vision-S electric prototype from various angles, which is filming on European roads to put its sensor suite to the test.

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