In cryptocurrency revolution, offering an innovative way to earn tokens through Bluetooth sharing. By leveraging your mobile phone's Bluetooth capabilities, you become an integral part network ecosystem, contributing to its growth and earning in the process.

Earn Crypto with Mobile's Bluetooth

    👉How Bluetooth Powers Crypto Network ?

    Role of Bluetooth in Ecosystem

    Bluetooth acts as the backbone of Network, allowing devices to communicate and share data securely. Your phone's Bluetooth becomes a vital link in this network, contributing to data propagation and earning you cryptos in return.

    Creating a Decentralized Data Network

    By sharing your device's Bluetooth connection, you participate in creating a decentralized data network. This network is the foundation of Network's functionality, facilitating various use cases such as asset tracking, IoT device connectivity, and more.

    Earn Crypto Using Your Mobile Bluetooth Lists

    Nodle Network

    Nodle Network is a decentralized wireless network .It leverages Bluetooth technology to create a global, crowd-sourced network that collects and shares data securely.

    👉Getting Started: Setting Up Your Account

    Downloading the App

    Start by downloading the official app from your device's app store. The app is your gateway to earning NDC through Bluetooth sharing.

    Creating Your Nodle Network Account

    Upon opening the app, follow the prompts to create your Nodle Network account. Ensure you provide accurate information for a seamless experience.

    👉Earning Crypto Tokens with Bluetooth Sharing

    Sharing Nearby Data via Bluetooth

    Once your device is paired, it will automatically share and receive data with nearby devices within the Network. This data sharing contributes to the network's growth and stability.

    Accumulating Crypto Tokens

    As you actively share Bluetooth connectivity, you accumulate tokens over time. The more you contribute, the more you earn, creating a passive income stream.